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European Social Services Conference Copenhagen 2012

Shaping the Future for Sustainable Social Services: Quality, Performance, Innovation.
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Are we really that different?

Integracja meaning Integration in Polish is the name of a national non-governmental organisation based in Warsaw. They actively work for more than 5 million people with disabilities, their families and carers. Their mission is to improve the integration of disabled people, promoting equal opportunities and social inclusion.

Below is a selection of commercials which Integracja produced and which very much challenge our thoughts and preconceptions about people with disabilities.

Would you really want to be in our shoes?

The disabled, abled to work

Are we really that different?

Why do you treat us differently?

The 19th European Social Services Conference, organised by the European Social Network (ESN) - Warsaw 6th - 8th July 2011

Andrew Lowe, President of ADSW was invited to take part in a panel debate at the recent ESN conference in Warsaw. The debate 'Contracting for Quality – A Matter for all Stakeholders' looked at the relationship of care and the complex set of relationships between financers, planners, regulators, case-managers, providers and service users.

Building on ESN’s recently published report this session provoked a debate about the different perspective on care and quality of various stakeholders and about how the relationships between them can strengthen quality of care for older people in Europe. The panellists of which Andrew was one engaged in a role play debate responding to the questions of the chair of the session. More...

Changing priorities: managing social services in times of crisis

A paper evidencing the impact of the economic downturn on social services from ESN members and other sources

The European Social Network (ESN) has produced a working paper entitled ‘Changing priorities: managing social services in times of crisis’. This paper presents evidence from ESN members and other sources about the impact of the economic downturn on social services, which is the second biggest expenditure area (after education) for local and regional government, and is responsible for supporting some of the most vulnerable people in society. The paper came about as a result of the ESN Recession Workshop held in Brighton, in December last year, bringing together people who manage front-line social services across Europe from Iceland to Hungary. The UK was represented by Scottish Borders Director, Andrew Lowe.

Andrew gave a presentation on the impact of the recession in Scotland and the problems this could incur for the future of Scottish Social Work Services, and in particular Scottish Borders Council.

Please see below presentations from the ESN Recession Workshop below



Date Title Summary
02/06/2010 Economic outlook, Sub-national public finance in the European Union A presenation by Isabelle Chatrie, Dexia Crédit Local, Research Department, Head of division “sub-national authorities in Europe”
02/06/2010 Latvia - Social Assiatance and Social Services Budget 2010 A presentation by Martinš Moors, Head of Social Administrations, Welfare Department
11/12/2009 Recession to Recovery A presentation by Andrew Lowe to the ESN Recession Workshop in Brighton


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