History of ADSW

"Forty years ago, Social Work in Scotland was on the cusp of massive change. The Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968 had been passed and was in the process of being implemented. The Act proved to be a landmark for Scotland. It provided a comprehensive service, dealing with problems affecting individuals, families and communities. It recognised the need for a director who could advise local authorities about social needs, and recognised that human problems ‘seldom come singly’. It swept away the segregated welfare, children’s and probation departments.

"In October 1969, as part of the preparations for the implementation of the Act, the newly-appointed directors of social work gathered in Peebles. At that meeting, the Association of Directors of Social Work (ADSW) was formed. Forty years later, ADSW is still going strong: an important voice for people in need, developing professional practice, lobbying government, guiding COSLA and working with partner agencies."

Cllr Bob Winter, The Lord Provost of Glasgow is a past President of the Association of Directors of Social Work and retired in 1996 from the post of Director of Social Work, Strathclyde Region. This is an extract from a speech he made at the ADSW Annual Lecture in 2009.

A Century of Corton Vale

A book about the history of Corton Vale written by John Murphy, Lady Martha Bruce, Charles Hills and Dick Poor. Copies of this book can be purchased for £2.99 from Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum www.smithartgallery.demon.co.uk Tel: 01786 471917




Past Presidents 

1970  H Mapstone 1993  J Dick
1971  J Murphy 1994  P Bates
1972  J Gregory 1995  P Bates
1973  J Johnston 1996  A Cameron
1974  W Grant 1997  L McEwan
1977  J Murphy 1998  P Cassidy
1978  S Moxley 1999  G Irvine
1979  D Macdonald 2000  M Wells
1980  H Garland 2001  C Wilkinson
1981  R Winter 2002  J Dickie
1982  R Poor 2003  D MacAulay
1983  A Gillespie 2004  A Jay
1984  M Hartnoll 2005  C Mackenzie
1985  M Hartnoll 2006  D Crawford
1986  R Kent 2007  B Docherty
1987  R Kent 2008  A Baird
1989  F Edwards 2009  H Dempster
1990  I Ross 2010 M Miller
1991  A Robb

2011 A Lowe

1992  I Gilmour  2012 P Macleod

Date Title Summary
19/06/2012 Presidential Address 2012 Peter MacLeod
18/05/2011 Presidential Address 2011 Andrew Lowe
12/05/2010 Presidential Address 2010 Michelle Miller
13/05/2009 Presidential Address 2009 Harriet Dempster
14/05/2008 Presidential Address 2008 Alain Baird
16/05/2007 Presidential Address 2007 Bernadette Docherty


Standing Committees


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