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01/10/13                                      06/09/13
Critical learning from                        Up-date on the Public
four different systems                       Bodies (Joint Working)
for successful integration                 Scotland Bill

19/06/13                                     06/07/12                             
A guide to resources on                 Young People aged between
integration and partnership             15 and 17 in the Children's 
working                                       Hearings System

01/05/12                                      06/09/11
Anonymous Voter                           Health and Social Care
Registration: Guidance to                 Integration
Chief Social Work Officers

06/09/11                                       21/06/11
An evidence base for the                  Recovery from Substance
delivery of adult services                  Misuse


01/12/10                                      05/11/09
ADSW Manifesto                            Personalisation: principles, 
2011 - 2015                                  challenges and a new

























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